CBD Edibles vs Oils

The surge in CBD products and the variety offered has created some confusion on the benefit of choosing one form of CBD over another. Here at Luma, we want to focus on the two that we receive questions on most often - CBD edibles and tinctures (or oils). 

Now, both of these are consumable products assuming you are going with a sublingual CBD formula like the Luma Tinctures

Sublingual CBD Oils offer near immediate absorption by placing the solution directly under your tongue. The product is then absorbed by tissue under the tongue, passed through the mucous membrane and released directly into the bloodstream. This means fast absorption and effect! Along with having very little interference from the digestive tract, the only enzymes that begin to breakdown the CBD are the ones found in saliva. With this information in mind you can rest assured that you are utilizing as much of the active ingredient as possible when administering CBD oil sublingually.

An added benefit of Luma CBD Tinctures is that they are made with nano-emulsified cannabidiol, meaning the compound is broken down for quick absorption!

CBD edibles take much longer to absorb, it has even been reported that the effects of CBD edibles can take upwards of 1-2 hours after ingesting. Though the wait time when consuming CBD edibles like the Luma Melon Slices can be extended by several hours, the impact lingers and tapers off much more slowly than that of CBD oil. 

A bonus for utilizing Luma CBD Edibles is that it makes determining the proper serving very simple. Each piece of the 100MG CBD gummies we feature contains 10MG of nano-CBD.

Of course you can have the best of both worlds when considering CBD oil and CBD edibles as many CBD oils can be added to your favorite smoothy recipe. There are several resources available that showcase how to add different types of CBD Oil to food so that you can create your very own treat!

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