Summer Soother - CBD Smoothie Recipe

The beauty of blending up a smoothie is that it fits into just about any time of the day. Whether you are looking for a simple snack, or a healthy sweet treat, smoothies are a great option. What could possibly be better? A CBD infusion, of course! 

The flavor of sublingual CBD is not enjoyed by everyone, so adding nano-enhanced CBD oils like Luma are an easy way to find a little relief. 

Now, creativity is always encouraged so if you see an ingredient you don't love consider experimenting with similar fruits, spices, or bases. 

Serves | 2
Total Prep Time | 10 minutes
Difficulty Level | Easy

Here's what you need:
• Blender
• 1 cup - organic orange juice
• 1/3 cup - nut milk or coconut milk
• 1 dropper - Luma Orange CBD Tincture (250MG or 500MG)
• 1/2 cup - ice
• 2 - sliced mangoes
• 1 - sliced peach

Here's what you need to do:
• Toss the orange juice, nut or coconut milk, and CBD tincture in the blender.     Pulse on low until combined.
• Mix mango, peach, and ice into the base. Pulse on medium until blended.
• Pour, add a paper straw, and serve it up! 

Simple enough, right? Adding protein post workout is another way to boost the energizing and revitalizing properties of this tropical treat.

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