Stop Wasting Time and Start Managing It

You woke up this morning, what was the first thing you did? What came next, and then after that...? Before you know it your day has come and gone. It’s the same routine day after day but is it working?

When you lay your head down and fall asleep, are you resting; or are you still pondering task lists and missed deadlines? We all know the saying, “ there is not enough time in a day.” 

It is easy to get in set in a routine. It may seem like you’ve got it down pat, you feel like you finally got the swing of this life thing. Everything is working out well but then you fall behind. You forget to set your alarm one morning, you can’t find your keys, or you forget the first steps to your day to day plans and the entire day has gotten away from you.

Passengers in a crowded train.

How can you manage time and your busy life more efficiently? How can you ensure that you are prepared for your day, week, or even year?

The phrase “Time Management” sounds so simple when said, but take a step back and really think about everything that you have on your plate and consider restructuring how you manage it all.

Where do you start?

  • Take a moment, step back, and really think about what is important.
  • Write it all down! Whether you use a planner, notepad, or your phone, it helps to have a visual of everything.
  • Write down dates and deadlines, put them in order of importance or due date.
  • Bask in the feeling of having accomplished something each time you check an item off of your task list.

    The goal of time management is not to add tasks and hassles to your life, but to keep you organized.

    At first it is going to feel like your entire life is based on a schedule with nothing but due dates, but the intentions are to help ease your stress, avoid procrastination, and keep you more accountable. It isn’t easy, but if you stick with it you will find your new routine to get you through this thing called “life”.

Take it one day at a time, don’t force it. Like nature, you never know what the season may bring, and life can throw you some curve balls. Each day may be different, but if you have a plan in place you have something to reference when you're feeling off track.

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