Three Questions to Ask Yourself Before Starting a CBD Company

CBD is a gold or, urm, green rush.

Point blank, end of story.

If you are even somewhat involved in the cannabis or hemp industry you know firsthand how quickly the climb occurred. One day CBD was a microscopic portion of the industry that everyone seemed to shun or frown upon, especially on the West Coast. The next day, everyone from Aunt Susan to your bank teller were talking about it!

If you’re reading  this you  know  that  CBD or cannabi  diol is a  valuable  resourc e and it makes complete sense that it’s trending as a miracle compound. 

Luma started off as an inspired thought, just like anything else. This thought came and went a few times with the gnawing concept that the market was just too saturated with CBD brands. Fast forward only a few short months and the Luma team was in the developmental phase. Considering everything I’ve just mentioned you might be prompted to ask ‘why?’ and that, dear reader, is the purpose of this post!

Ask yourself why you use or recommend CBD.

Before Luma began we found that sourcing quality, reputable brands was akin to finding a needle in a haystack. There were just too many companies, all of which seemed to offer the same products with different branding. What would your CBD line offer that is different from others? At Luma we pride ourselves in offering natural, nano emulsified CBD tinctures that are fast acting. What product would you highlight?

How could you clear the grey area?

Reports have surfaced periodically detailing adulterated CBD oils and edibles or misinformation on product labeling. How could you create a trusted brand that backs it’s products with certificates of analysis, and maintains a transparency that is so desperately needed in this submarket?

Are you willing to be patient and persistent?

This is key in starting any business but we’ve found that these character traits are doubly important in the CBD or hemp industry. Why? You will meet hurdle after hurdle in the way of securing payment processing, advertising and traverse evolving regulations. The ability to adapt and overcome plays a key role in the development and success of your CBD business.


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If you were able to ask yourself these questions and still feel strongly about forging ahead, then buckle up! Launching any new business or project comes with it’s own set of challenges, but with a little courage and a whole lot of research you’re on your way to breaking out of the mold!

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