The Lost Art of Treating Yourself


When was the last time you treated yourself?


Often times we find ourselves constantly doing for others, and forgetting how important it is to do a little something for ourselves.

Maybe we think it’s selfish, or we don’t think we should be spending money or time on ourselves. Feelings like this are understandable considering how engrained it is to take care of those around you.

There are many ways in which we can “treat ourselves” without breaking the bank, or neglecting daily tasks. 

  • Pamper yourself at home. I know for me at least, the easiest way to wind down from a busy day is to pamper myself! Treat yourself by taking a long warm bath; maybe stop by the store and get a bath bomb or some epsom salt and just relax in the tub with a book, your phone, or just peaceful silence.

  • Relax and rest. Instead of coming home and stressing about the day, or doing more work take the night off. Either order in, or make a good meal. Pick a movie, or turn on that show you’ve been dying to watch. Kick your feet up and relax.

  • Take yourself out! Is there a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try? Now's the time! Either get it to go, or dine in; either way it is perfectly okay to go out to eat every once in a while! As long as there is balance, going out to eat can be very affordable!

  • Take a walk or exercise. Whether you take your pet to the park or go to the mountains, go to the gym or take a casual stroll around the neighborhood. Going out and getting some fresh air can be a simple reward! This one is all about perspective as exercising really can be something fun and distracting from a busy day!

  • Hang out with friends and family. It is always nice to surround yourself with people who love and appreciate you, and your day to day hustles. Whether you go out for the night or kick it at the house, a good laugh and relaxing environment is an easy way to treat yourself! 

Everyone is different, and we all enjoy time differently! Treat yourself in the best way that fits your lifestyle, and your budget! Set reminders to take care of YOU if you have to, and soon it will become something that you do regularly.

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